Forms class generates html forms from http method and target url.

Following attributes can be used for customizing the generated forms.


With @param


@param type $name [Description] {@label Custom Name}


@param string $name [Description] {@label Customer's Name}

Restler automatically creates a label for each param by using camelCasing and underscore in parameter names. For example $firstName, $first_name to First Name. If you want to override and specify a label yourself use the above annotation.

With @return


@return type {@label Custom Name}


@return array {@label Sign In}

Restler by default uses Submit as the default text for form submit buttons. You can customize that using the above annotation.



@param type $name [Description] {@field InputType}


@param int $age [Description] {@field number} {@min 6} {@max 22}

Html field type used for capturing the value. Some possible values are, - input - checkbox (for boolean) - radio (requires @choice) - password - select (requires @choice) - text - hidden

When not specified, it will try to guess the field type



@param type $name [Description] {@message text}


@param int $age [Description] {@message age restriction requires age between 6 and 22} {@min 6} {@max 22}

Custom error message to display when validation fails.

Emmet Templates

@form, @input, @textarea, @radio, @select, @submit, and @fieldset

Allows you to customize how a form element rendering from the selected form style. Use Emmet syntax for that purpose. Take a look at FormStyles.php for an example.